Tuesday, March 30, 2010

12.5 in 5,220.1

So, today's the day . . . the new project has begun!!!!!

Rough start I admit but non the less, here is the first snapshot. PIPES.

You see, we are enduring MUCH change this year @ my elementary school. Our campus has transformed into a construction zone. Mud, slush, beams, men with hard hats, BIG EQUIPMENT, etc are forming daily obstical courses for us. We have been promised the efforts will all be worthwhile yet I'm still skeptical . . .
These pipes can be found in stacks anywhere around campus and I thought they made a nice pattern of circles . . . I love circles.
Cheers - it's a sunny Tuesday . . . enjoy it!!!
Polcinego Bella

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  1. love it! i love the one you can see through the end to. cheers!