Wednesday, March 31, 2010

12.5 in 5,220.2

Here it is ladies and gents . . . the passenger seat of old VisaVersa . . .

This snapshot was captured on Day Two of the 12.5 in 5,220 challenge and what a day it has been. This close-up of the passenger seat of my trusty Nissan Versa tells all. Not only am I carrying extra weight (my blue and white canvas martha stewart bag) but the "normal weight" my goldenrod matt n nat is strewn all over the place.

It's been a mixed up, topsi turvy day and quite frankly I'm ready to knock a beer back, snuggle with Molly and Maggie (the two pups i'm babysitting) and call it a DAY.

Watch out Roanoke College - I'm headed back.

'Till next time.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

12.5 in 5,220.1

So, today's the day . . . the new project has begun!!!!!

Rough start I admit but non the less, here is the first snapshot. PIPES.

You see, we are enduring MUCH change this year @ my elementary school. Our campus has transformed into a construction zone. Mud, slush, beams, men with hard hats, BIG EQUIPMENT, etc are forming daily obstical courses for us. We have been promised the efforts will all be worthwhile yet I'm still skeptical . . .
These pipes can be found in stacks anywhere around campus and I thought they made a nice pattern of circles . . . I love circles.
Cheers - it's a sunny Tuesday . . . enjoy it!!!
Polcinego Bella

Monday, March 29, 2010

12.5 in 5,220

Hello world. I'm a baby blogger so patience please!

I'm a young traveling art teacher who is ready to start making art for arts' sake. I've been creating space for others to be creative and it's time to get back to doing the same for myself!

Today as I was driving my usual route between schools and I made a challenge to myself to do something creative with the time and space I travel through each day. Then I gave myself more parameters: Take a picture everyday on your travel route . . .you have 5, 22o seconds between your elementary and high school classes AND 12.5 miles!!!

Thus, the beginning of the 12.5 in 5,220 project. From here on out whenever I travel the 12.5 miles between my elementary and high school assignments I will shoot one image and post it here.

Stay tuned . . . things just miiiiight get interesting . . .

Until tommorrow - Cheers.
Polcinego Bella